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Beautifully Banal delves deeply into an environment rich in detail yet warmed with narrative and character. It is outrageously clever and deftly executed, each part lending credence to its counterpart, the meticulous nature of the drawing and the whimsy of Phineas and his story depend wholly on each other.
— NUBI Magazine
Meticulously conceived and executed from the front cover to the last, Beautifully Banal works as much as a fascinating introductory guide for the architecturally curious as well as comic relief for grizzled deadline veterans.
— Archinect

The Complete Beautifully Banal Zine
from 15.00

Standard Edition = 64 pages, 8.5"x11" softcover, foreword written by Jimenez Lai

Limited Edition = 32 pages, 23.5"x29.5" newsprint, numbered edition out of 50 prints

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