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The Complete Beautifully Banal Zine

The Complete Beautifully Banal Zine

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Standard Edition = 64 pages, 8.5"x11" softcover, foreword written by Jimenez Lai

Limited Edition = 32 pages, 23.5"x29.5" newsprint, numbered edition out of 50 prints

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Beautifully Banal is an award winning architecture comic-zine, celebrating the beauty of the ordinary by mixing whimsy with everyday life.  It is an exploration of traditional architecture drawing types collaged with comic book story telling, resulting in a sum greater than its parts.  At its surface, Beautifully Banal tells the story of Phineas the Fly, a brave insect on a journey to find his way back home across three dynamically scaled programs.  At its core, it is a witty set of drawings which poke fun at the mundane acceptance many of us subscribe to in our lives and professions.  You can read a review of the publication here.