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Block Parti (gallery content)

Through the acts of blowing up and miniaturizing, creating formal interchangeability, and manufacturing a false scarcity, Block Parti takes cues from our capitalist culture and places them into a tidy box.

Drawing inspiration from the cabinet of curiosities, a microcosm for artifacts odd, unseen, or yet to be explained, and the obsessive cataloguing of a toy collection, Block Parti paints the building and the toy with the same brush, producing a world in the image of a collection and contained within the cabinet of the city. If we see the city grid as an upscaling of the cabinet, then the process of urban planning is just another form of curation that positions buildings as collectibles. 

Block Parti is a high performance collection of modern architectural delight, miniaturized to a convenient scale for you to enact a variety of fun urban scenarios in the comfort of your own home. The project equates architecture with child’s play by creating a skyline in the image of four action figure-like toys. Four distinct parti pris narrate a playful account of the function and appearance of each building: Coney Aisle, Archie, Two Left Feet, and B-Keeper.