Architecture Hero
Design stories for the rest of us.


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Architecture Hero is an ideas studio focused on thought provocation.

We have a passion for architecture, visual media, narrative, and the intersection of the three. This is mostly realized through the stories we create—stories rooted in the world we understand but that straddle fantasy and reality. We are reporting first hand from the front lines of the profession, a kind of architectural journalism politicized under our own brand.

Our medium is the story. Stories are free, and can be understood by anyone willing to listen. It doesn’t cost millions of dollars to tell a story, or hundreds of thousands of dollars to listen to it. It doesn’t take the blessing of municipal organizations or sheepish elected officials to publish our stories. All we need is this website rented for an annual pittance—this is a platform for experiment, and a platform for growth. We might not always get it right, but we will always have fun doing it. Our story is our commodity—thanks for listening.

Architecture Hero has offices in Chicago and Los Angeles (sort of).

Alexander Culler is a purveyor of architecture in Chicago, IL. He grew up thinking that drawing cartoon characters could translate to a career in architecture.  Although that wasn’t exactly right, it hasn’t stopped him from trying it anyway.

Danny Travis is an architectural designer originally from Detroit and currently practicing in Los Angeles.  Despite the LA seasons being much warmer than the Midwestern climate, he refuses to shave his beard, which harnesses his power to view the world with a healthy skepticism.