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Heroes for hire.

Architecture Hero is a union of architecturally-trained cartoonists that combine comic book storytelling and architectural drawing types to narrate stories that straddle fantasy and reality.  It revels in banality, dry humor, and quality local beers.

Architecture Hero has offices in Chicago and Los Angeles (kind of).

Alexander Culler

An purveyor of architecture in Chicago, IL, he comes from a background of poorly drawn tee shirt illustrations made for internet competitions.  He has adapted his fervor for cartooning in reconciling the fact that he can't actually draw so well, but if he does enough of it maybe nobody will notice.

Danny Travis

An architectural designer originally from Detroit and currently practicing in Los Angeles.  Despite the LA seasons being much warmer than the Midwestern climate, he refuses to shave his beard, which harnesses his power to view the world with a healthy skepticism.